Greedy microorganisms
How plate heat exchangers can be protected against corrosion

If it is not the ravages of time that are gnawing at plates of heat exchangers, but algae, fungi and bacteria, there are several ways to tackle the problem.

In the technical article you will find causes and solutions to combat microbiologically induced corrosion effectively …

Old problem, new solution
Maintenance of plate heat exchangers

Multi-stage plate heat exchangers are used for the pasteurisation of beverages. This last processing step before filling often turns out to be problematic with serious consequences.

In order to avoid sterile problems during the filling of beverages due to hairline cracks, AKK Industrieservice has developed a process that …

Sugar Industry
Maintenance of plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are used in a wide variety of applications and often are exposed to high stresses.

This can result in soiling or hairline cracking in heat exchanger plates and in wearing of the gaskets. This can be counteracted with various measures, such as …

Electropolishing of plate heat exchangers prevents fouling

Plate heat exchangers are used in process engineering plants for heating, evaporating and cooling process liquids.

If the heat exchangers are used with media that tend to foul, cyclic cleaning of the heat exchangers cannot be avoided. Electrochemical polishing reduces …

Maintenance and repair works on plate heat exchangers

A plate heat exchanger, too, will get on in years at some point. This applies in particular to the gaskets, whether glued or adhesive-free. This article shows what has to be taken into account for maintenance and repair.

Plate heat exchangers are important components of thermal process engineering. …

As good as new: Reconditioning of heat exchanger plates and CIP cleaning

The first signs of wear on the elastomer gaskets can be seen in the form of leaks when the heat exchanger is cold started or when it is shut down during the cooling phase.

The following factors influence the service life of elastomer gaskets: the mode of operation of the plate heat exchanger …