Reconditioning of a Compabloc

Here we would like to give you an insight into the complete reconditioning of a Compabloc plate heat exchanger. Here we show you the following steps (by clicking on the respective area you will get there directly):

> Dismantling

> Pollution

> Cleaning

> Re-gasketing

> Assembly

> Pressure test


An overview of the general reconditioning of plate heat exchangers can be found here:

Reconditioning of a plate heat exchanger

Reconditioning Compabloc

Disassembly of the cover plates

First, the cover plates of the Compabloc plate heat exchanger are disassembled, so that the actual cleaning can take place.

Contamination in circuit A and B of the plate heat exchanger

Contamination in the circuit A | acid water

The pollution in the circuit A consisted of a deposit of sour water, a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

Pollution in the cycle B | cooling water

Pollution in circuit A consisted of a mineral deposit.

Cleaning the plate heat exchanger

Before cleaning

After cleaning

Re-gasketig – appling new gaskets

Assembly of the plate heat exchanger after cleaning

Pressure and vacuum testing after assembly