Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers can be found in all important branches of industry. They are used as heaters, coolers, evaporators or heating condensers in process engineering, especially in the project business. Our proven designs are in use all over the world. We will design a new unit for you according to your individual requirements. In addition, we have the potential to rebuild old devices with similar dimensions.

How does a heat exchanger actually work? A heat exchanger is a non-fired pressure vessel in which two media are led past each other in such a way that in the presence of a certain temperature difference they exchange heat with each other. The two media are separated by a wall as thin as possible to prevent them from mixing.

If you have performance or contamination problems with your shell and tube heat exchanger, we will be pleased to clean your tube bundle for you. We can carry out chemical and mechanical cleaning. We can also burn out the tube bundles. In this process the tube bundle is exposed to high temperatures for a longer time so that the dirt combusts and becomes detachable.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger before Cleaning

Shell and tube heat exchanger before cleaning

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger after cleaning

Shell and tube heat exchanger after cleaning