Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

We offer brazed plate heat exchangers for diverse applications. Copper brazed plate heat exchangers offer efficient heat transfer at a small footprint. They are maintenance-free, have a long service life and can withstand high temperatures and extremely high design pressures. They are used in a wide variety of applications including cooling, heating, evaporation and condensing. See the complete product range below. We look for an economical solution for you. We use different manufacturers and independently advise you with the acquisition.

Should you wish to replace an old brazed plate heat exchanger, we can offer you such a unit again with the best delivery time. If your old brazed plate heat exchanger is no longer available, we will search for a suitable new device so that in the best case the connections or pipings do not have to be changed.

If your brazed plate heat exchanger is dirty and no longer performing, we can clean the plate heat exchanger for you. We rinse your plate heat exchanger with our CIP system. Our CIP system is mobile, so we can clean your plate heat exchangers on site. However, for economic reasons it often makes more sense to purchase a new one.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers SWEP

E5T B5T E8T B8T B10T B12 B15 B16 B16DW B25T B28 B35
B50 B56 B57 B60 B65 B120T B427 B439 B649 B633

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Kelvion GBS-Serie

GBS 100M GBS 200H GBS 220H GBS 240H GBS 300H GBS 400H GBS 418L/M GBS 420L GBS 500H GBS 525L/M/H GBS 700L/M GBS 757L/M/H
GBS 760L GBS 800H GBS 900H GBS 910M GBS 1000M/H GBS 1000L GBS 400H-AE GBS 500H-AE GBS 700M-AE GBS 800H-AE GBS 900H-AE GBS 1000H-AE

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Alfa Laval

AC16 AC18 AC30 AC40 AC70 AC72 AC73 AC74 AC112 AC220 AC230 AC232 AC240 AC500 AC502 AC1000
CB10 CB11 CB16 CB18 CBHDW18 CB20 CBXP27 CB30 CBXP52 CB60 CB62 CB65 CB110 CB112 CBXP112
CB200 CB400 DOC16 DOC20 DOC30 DOC60 DOC112
AN14 AN18 AN27 AN52 AN76 AN200 AN400 CD100 CD200 CD300
Plate Heat Exchangers