Gasket Materials at a glance

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Gasket qualityFields of applicationOperating temperatures
NBR (nitrile butyl rubber) water, glycol, mineral oil, edible oil, diluted acids, milk, fruit juices, beer and food120-130° C
NBR-HT (peroxide cured) for animal fats, mineral and vegetable oils, especially suitable for UHT applications130° C
H-NBR (hydrogenated NBR)mineral oil, edible oil, diluted acids, steam, milk150° C
EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber) hot water, glycol, weak acids and caustics, steam, beer, food, unsuitable for oils and fats160° C
HT-EPDMhot water, glycol, weak acids and caustics, steam, vapours, raw juice, thin juice, liquid sugar, beer, milk, fruit juices and food, unsuitable for oil applications 160° C
HT- Butylsteam, diluted acids and caustics175° C
FPM A/B (fluorpolymer/ Viton A/B)food, mineral oil and edible oil concentrates, acids, caustics 170-180° C (depending on media)
FPM G (fluorpolymer/ Viton G)highly concentrated acids and caustics, mineral oil, edible oil and steam210° C (depending on media)
CR (Neoprene)ammonia, diluted acids and caustics100° C
Hartfaserwerkstoffe (z.B. Klinger Sil C-4400)steam, concentrated acids and caustics 200° C