Split Mounting Nut

It's a common issue?


Using a hydraulic system to install plate heat exchangers!

When installing larger plate heat exchangers, up to 4 hydraulic cylinders have to be used to open and closing the plate stack.

To do this, you have to remove the nuts from the threaded rods and then reattach them after attaching the cylinders.


This can be very time consuming if the threaded rods are long. In addition to the length of the thread, any damage and/or dirt on the threads can increase the amount of time required, which can result in a considerable amount of extra costs.

In the shipping (e.g. LT coolers) or industrial (e.g. paper and sugar production) sectors, these devices must be disassembled several times a year for thorough cleaning, accounting for a significant proportion of your business expenses.

Our solution!


The split nut to optimize the assembly of gasketed plate heat exchangers!

Sometimes it’s ingenious little things which optimize and reduce operating costs. The split nut that we developed has been needed for a long time, but nobody has been able to make this „simple“ idea a reality, until now!

The nut described here is available in standard sizes from M6 to M39 and achieves a strength class of 12 and more! The nuts have a locking and separation prevention function in order to keep things together during assembly. The designs vary depending on the size of the nut.

The design ensures that the split nut has the same strength properties as one that isn’t split after tightening. Only a few threads are needed to undo them, which is particularly useful in hard to reach places or if the threaded rods are extremely long! We think that this nut is useful for a wide range of applications.