Replacement Plates for Plate Heat Exchangers

As a manufacturer-independent service company for plate heat exchangers, AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies replacement plates of all makes. Due to a high stock of new heat exchanger plates, we are able to assemble replacement plates or complete replacement plate packages at short notice. We supply products of the following manufacturers AGC, Alfa Laval, API-Schmidt-Bretten, APV Pasilac/SPX, Balcke Dürr, Bell & Gossett, Cetetherm, Cherry-Burrel, CIAT, Cipriani, Fischer, Funke, GEA /Kelvion/Tuchenhagen/Ecoflex, Hisaka, HRS, Hydac, ITT-Standard, Kapp, Mueller, Otto Heat, Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers, Reheat, Sondex, Stork, SWEP, Tetra Pak, Thermowave, Tranter, Thermaline, Vicarb, VIEX and others.

Plate heat exchangers - important components in process engineering

Plate heat exchangers (PHE) are important components of thermal process engineering and are used in all industrial sectors. In the chemical industry, they are used to heat, evaporate and cool acids, caustics, emulsions and dispersions. Due to their low initial costs, compact design and high thermal efficiency plate heat exchangers play an important role in process engineering.

The heat exchanger plates are subject to mechanical and chemical wear. Due to pressure fluctuations, frequent start-up and shut-down of the system or pressure surges, the plates are subjected to bending and alternating stress. This mechanical stress results in hairline cracks, which lead to leaks and subsequently to mixing of the products.

In the case of chemical wear, the plate surfaces are damaged by chlorides, for example. Particularly at the contact points where the individual plates support each other, chloride nests can develop which can lead to chlorination, resulting in pitting corrosion.

Excessive flow velocities in the inlet area of the plates cause erosion. This is a further criterion which has impact on the reusability of the plates. Damage can also be caused when in the event of leaks the PHE is retightened by untrained personnel below the minimum compression dimension (amin) specified by the manufacturer. In this case, the plates are deformed and can no longer be used.

If a high system availability must be given, e.g. in dairies (milk processing, also on weekends) or chemical factories, it is necessary to have a spare plate package in stock. High production losses can occur due to leakage or product mixing. Only if a spare plate pack is available in these situations it can be installed quickly and thus a major loss of production can be avoided.

AKK stocks large quantities of heat exchanger plates - both new and refurbished replacement plates

The manufacturers of heat exchanger plates only produce to order and do not stock replacement plates anymore. This can lead to delivery times of up to 8 weeks. AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH has a stock of approx. 7,000 new and approx. 20,000 used and reconditioned plates in stock. Thus, replacement or exchange plate packages can be put together at short notice in order to reduce production losses.

AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies new heat exchanger plates of all common makes, e.g.

  • Alfa Laval, Vicarb, APV/Pasilac/SPX, API Schmidt Bretten, Tetra Pak,
  • GEA Ahlborn/Tuchenhagen/Ecoflex, Fischer Austria, Funke,
  • Sondex, Swep / ReHeat, Tranter, Arsopi/Hisaka, Balcke Dürr,
  • Otto Heat, Cetetherm/CTC, Scheer, Cipriani, Thermowave,

Individual new replacement plates or complete new replacement plate packages are available from AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH at competitive prices.

Personal advice and support

We will be pleased to process your enquiries or show you alternatives to optimise your downtimes. From a pool of approx. 20,000 used and refurbished plates we will put together a replacement plate package for you or bridge the delivery time until a new plate package is available.

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