Re-Gasketing of plate heat exchanger gaskets

During re-gasketing, the glued gaskets of the plate heat exchangers are replaced. The gasket groove is degreased and the new gasket is fixed to the plate with a two-component glue specially developed for this application.

Procedure of Re-Gasketing plate heat exchangers

The glue is first applied to the plate with a dispensing gun. However, in order to obtain a good wetting of the groove, the adhesive is then spread evenly with a brush.

The gasket is then fixed to the plate in the specified position and pressed down with a roller.

The reconditioned plates are stacked into a plate pack and tightened in special frames. To cure the adhesive, for evaporation of the solvents and to achieve optimum bonding, these packages are finally treated in an industrial oven.

Only after cooling the frames are untightened again. In the case of glue-free (clip-on or snap-on) gaskets, these are properly attached to the plate, taking into account the different systems.