Filter inserts (Inline Strainer)

It's a common issue, you know it?


Corrosive and mechanical damage to metallic filter inserts (Inline Strainer)

The classic pre-filter or inline strainer is a simple perforated plate made of stainless steel, which is welded to form a cylinder and is made in one or two parts depending on the length specification.

The restriction: The design can only be used for the respective cooler of the manufacturer.

Damaged strainer!


Other disadvantages: Type-dependent long delivery times, cost-intensive procurement, short shelf life due to lack of corrosion resistance to seawater.

The lack of flexibility can cause consequential damage to the individual plates as well as to the metallic connection linings on the frame.

Our solution - The new plastic seawater filter -


As an innovative alternative, IS-Service GmbH manufactures the strainer from plastic

This is a decisive difference, because in comparison to stainless steel, this material offers a whole range of advantages:

  • corrosion-resistant: Plastic trainers are universally applicable
  • easy: simple installation and removal, easy to clean
  • flexible: individual segments can be replaced or supplemented
  • versatile: dependence is limited to the nominal size
  • individual: the operator adjusts the length on site
  • durable: the filters are durable in the long term
  • low cost: less follow-up costs for the users
  • safe: no consequential damage to the radiatorn