Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers

AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies gaskets and plates for Polaris plate heat exchangers. As a manufacturer-independent service company, we have specialised in the trade with spare parts for your plate heat exchanger as well as in the maintenance and repair of your Polaris plate heat exchanger. We would be pleased to make you an offer for electrochemical polishing, cleaning, testing and re-gasketing of the plates.

Polaris Plate heat exchangers series and models

Polaris has specialised in the manufacture of plate heat exchangers of all types. Most Polaris plate heat exchangers are manufactured in Louisville and Kentucky (USA). They are carefully matched to the individual requirements of the individual orders for which they have been selected. They all represent the sophisticated technology that characterizes Polaris plate heat exchangers in many ways. They offer efficiency, reliability and long life in dozens of demanding applications.

S-Series Models

S14A Hang-onS15S20S20A Hang-onS21A Hang-onS22 SonderlockS30S35
S-14A Hang-onS-15S-20S-20A Hang-onS-21A Hang-onS-22 SonderlockS-30S-35

S37 SonderlockS38 SondersnapS39S43S43 SonderlockS47 SonderlockS4A Hang-onS50
S-37 SonderlockS-38 SondersnapS-39S-43S-43 SonderlockS-47 SonderlockS-4A Hang-onS-50

S62 SonderlockS64 SonderlockS65S65 SonderlockS7A Hang-onS8 SondersnapS100 SonderlockS120
S-62 SonderlockS-64 SonderlockS-65S-65 SonderlockS-7A Hang-onS-8 SondersnapS-100 SonderlockS-120

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