AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies gaskets and plates for Mueller plate heat exchangers. As a manufacturer-independent service company, we have specialised in the trade with spare parts for your plate heat exchanger as well as in the maintenance and repair of your Mueller plate heat exchanger. We would be pleased to make you an offer for electrochemical polishing, cleaning, testing and re-gasketing of the plates.

Mueller series and models

The Paul Mueller Company is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, USA and was founded in 1940. With additional production and sales activities in Osceola, Iowa, the Netherlands and Vietnam, Paul Mueller Company employees build innovative processing systems for dairy farms and a variety of applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical plants worldwide. A key product is the plate heat exchanger.

Mueller Accu-Therm - AT Series

AT-04P AT-10 AT-1306 AT-1309 AT-130M AT-161 AT-184FF AT-192FF
AT04P AT10 AT1306 AT1309 AT130M AT161 AT184FF AT192FF
AT 04 P AT 10 AT 1306 AT 1309 AT 130 M AT 161 AT 184 FF AT 192 FF

AT-20P AT-40 AT-40FF AT-40L AT-40M AT-40P AT-805 AT-80M
AT20P AT40 AT40FF AT40L AT40M AT40P AT805 AT80M
AT 20 P AT 40 AT 40 FF AT 40 L AT 40 M AT 40 P AT 805 AT 80 M

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