AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies gaskets and plates for ITT-Standard plate heat exchangers. As a manufacturer-independent service company, we have specialised in the trade with spare parts for your plate heat exchanger as well as in the maintenance and repair of your ITT-Standard plate heat exchanger. We would be pleased to make you an offer for electrochemical polishing, cleaning, testing and re-gasketing of the plates.

ITT-Standard series and models

For over 90 years, ITT has provided standard heat transfer solutions for the energy industry. The company specializes in shell and tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers.

P07 PF-8 PF-10 PF-15 PF-20 PF-21 PF-25 PF-30 PF-35 PF-41 PF-42 PF-45
P7 PF8 PF10 PF15 PF20 PF21 PF25 PF30 PF35 PF41 PF42 PF45

PF-50 PF-51 PF-55 PF-60 PF-61 PF-65 PF-66 PF-70 PF-71 PF-75 PF-80
PF50 PF51 PF55 PF60 PF61 PF65 PF66 PF70 PF71 PF75 PF80

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