AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies gaskets and plates for Cetetherm plate heat exchangers. As a manufacturer-independent service company, we have specialised in the trade with spare parts for your plate heat exchanger as well as in the maintenance and repair of your Cetetherm plate heat exchanger. We would be pleased to make you an offer for electrochemical polishing, cleaning, testing and re-gasketing of the plates.

Cetetherm heat exchanger series and models

Cetetherm AB has been owned by the Alfa Laval Group since 1987. Cetetherm has manufactured plate heat exchangers and district heating systems. On 1 January 2005, Cetherm AB was integrated into the Alfa Laval structure.  The plate heat exchangers are now marketed under the Alfa Laval brand.

CT-Series Models

CT90 CT95 CT100 CT110 CT120 CT130 CT140 CT150 CT160 CT160W
CT-90 CT-95 CT-100 CT-110 CT-120 CT-130 CT-140 CT-150 CT-160 CT-160W

CT170 CT180 CT210 CT220 CT230 CT240
CT-170 CT-180 CT-190 CT-220 CT-230 CT-240


EP90 EP100 EP110 EP120 EP130 EP140 EP150 EP160 EP170 EP180 EP240
EP-90 EP-100 EP-110 EP-120 EP-130 EP-140 EP-150 EP-160 EP-170 EP-180 EP-240

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