API Schmidt-Bretten

AKK Industrieservice & Handels GmbH supplies gaskets and plates for API Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchangers. As a manufacturer-independent service company, we have specialised in the trade with spare parts for your plate heat exchanger as well as in the maintenance and repair of your API Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchanger. We would be pleased to make you an offer for electrochemical polishing, cleaning, testing and re-gasketing of the plates.

API Schmidt-Bretten heat exchanger series and models

API Schmidt-Bretten has been developing, manufacturing and distributing products for thermal applications for over 130 years. Today, plate heat exchangers, plate evaporators and thermal systems of the SIGMA product family with their innovative design cover the requirements of practically all market sectors. Since the company was founded in Bretten in 1879, Schmidt stands for thermal process engineering. Schmidt produces at its headquarters in Bretten, just outside the Black Forest, with around 160 employees. Schmidt belongs to the API Heat Transfer Group (Buffalo/USA). API Heat Transfer is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial heat exchangers and thermal systems. In May 2003, API-Schmidt-Bretten moved into a new plant in the Gölshausen industrial park. For the production of SIGMA plate heat exchangers, there are two powerful and fully automatic press systems available.

Sigma X Series & 7 Series

SX19 SX29 SX49 S7 S9 S17 S27 S37
Sigma X19 Sigma X29 Sigma X49 Sigma 7 Sigma 9 Sigma 17 Sigma 27 Sigma 37

Sigma 2 Series & V Series

S12 S16 S22 S32 S52 S45V S90V
Sigma 12 Sigma 16 Sigma 22 Sigma 32 Sigma 52 Star 45 Star 90

Sigma M Series & F Series

M27 M36 M37 M66 M76 M106 F45
Sigma M27 Sigma M36 Sigma M37 Sigma M66 Sigma M76 Star M106 Star F45

Sigma Z Series & Other Models

S30 S64 S65 S85 S108 S109 S138 S166 S38 S48 S60 S114
Sigma 30 Sigma 64 Sigma 65 Sigma 85 Sigma 108 Sigma 109 Sigma 138 Sigma 166 Sigma 38 Sigma 48 Sigma 60 Sigma 114

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