From cruise ships, container ships, bulk carriers and mega yachts to icebreakers, trawlers, tankers and barges – AKK offers you the service for heat exchangers of all manufacturers. The service is carried out professionally in our plants in Germany. We degummed, cleaned, tested and re-coated the plates for you (link reconditioning). This will ensure long-term fault-free operation and your ship will safely reach its destination. In addition, we can reinforce the suspensions as required (link to reinforcement) to prevent leaks during installation. In some cases, we keep exchange plate packages available for our customers for a quick and uncomplicated exchange. This means that plate packs can be changed in 1-2 working days and the failure of the heat exchanger is reduced to a minimum. Your plates are always delivered in very well secured steel-frame wooden boxes, so that a safe insertion into the ship is possible even under the most adverse conditions. The all-round carefree service naturally also includes dismantling and installation on the ship of the plate package (link to installation). In the case of particularly difficult conditions, our split mounting nut (linking) is used for mounting. This enables us to shorten the assembly time even further. Our special marine department and our fitters travel to all ports of the world where you need our help. Our fitters will bring the necessary tools with them or we will send them to the ship in advance in consultation with you.

The service for your heat exchanger should be uncomplicated and simple for you. For this purpose, the many years of experience of our marine department is available to you at all times.

Of course we can also supply additional spare parts for your heat exchanger. Especially for corrosive and mechanical damage to metallic filter inserts (inline strainer), we can supply replacements at short notice >Filter Inserts


Typical applications For heat exchangers on the ship are:

  • Central cooling of main and auxiliary engines or turbines
  • Cooling of lubricating oil
  • Provision of circulation water for cooling cylinders,
  • pistons, injectors, valves and generators
  • Cooling of gear, compressor and other lubricating oils
  • Preheating of heavy and lubricating oils
  • Preheating of seawater for fresh water production
  • Heat recovery
  • Heat exchange for air conditioning of passenger and cargo compartments


A container ship was repaired in a Hamburg shipyard. AKK Industrieservice was commissioned as subcontractor to refurbish a plate heat exchanger.


Central cooling system with separate low temperature (NT) and high temperature (HT) circuits


Central cooling system with two central coolers